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[#] Mon Jan 09 2006 20:39:40 EST from Erin

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Special Promotions Planned for Rivalry Game Between the Cowboys and Falcons on Wednesday

Jan. 9, 2006


One of the most exciting series in the recent history of Mountain West Conference basketball will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 11 in Wyoming's Arena-Auditorium as the Wyoming Cowboys host the Air Force Falcons in a 7:00 p.m. game. The Cowboys will enter the game 8-7 overall, 1-1 in conference play, while Air Force comes to Laramie with a 14-1 record, and a 2-0 MWC mark.

Over the past five seasons, the two teams have played four overtime games, including a four-overtime thriller won by the Cowboys in 2002 in Laramie and a single-overtime Wyoming victory last season in the Double A.

In addition to the great rivalry that has developed between the Cowboys and Falcons, the University of Wyoming Athletics Department has planned several special promotions for the game on Wednesday night.

Among the promotions that will take place Wednesday night are:

1.Verizon Wireless will give away 4,000 rally towels to Cowboy fans as they enter the Arena-Auditorium.

2. $300.00 in textbooks for UW students will be given away in a raffle at Wednesday's contest. Each UW student will receive a raffle ticket prior to the game, which will enter them in a drawing for the $300.00 in textbooks. That drawing will take place prior to the conclusion of Wednesday's Mountain West contest.

3. The Second Annual mascot game will also be held at halftime of Wednesday's game. The mascots will be signing autographs in the concourse prior to the game. At halftime, the mascot basketball game will pit the Wyoming Mascots against the Colorado Mascots. The mascots that will be competing are:

Colorado Team


  • Miles from the Denver Broncos
  • Dinger from the Colorado Rockies
  • Rapidman from the Colorado Rapids
  • Slapshot from the Colorado Eagles
  • Falcon from the Air Force Academy

    This year's mascot basketball game will be the second annualWyoming Team


  • Pistol Pete
  • Inflate-a-Poke
  • Custer from the Wyoming Cavalry
  • Thunderbird from Casper College
  • Hobart from the Casper Rockies

  • [#] Wed Jan 11 2006 13:44:15 EST from Erin

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    story image 1
    Statesman file photo
    Ming-Chia Chen an interlink student shakes hands with Sycamore Sam at the third annual Fall Library Extravaganza.

    Sycamores celebrate Sam
    Last chance to send birthday wish is this Friday

    By Jessica Dyer
    Staff writer
    January 11, 2006

    As part of Sycamore Sam's birthday celebration, the Athletic Department is offering one last chance for the ISU community to wish the 10-year-old mascot a happy birthday.

    To send birthday wishes to the blue and white mascot, fans can stop by the Athletic Department.

    The signed card, in addition to other fan-signed cards from the Dec. 19 celebration at the Hulman Center, will be put into University Archives.

    Sam, who is species and genderless, was designed to be a university icon, said Cathy Grothe, the assistant athletics director for marketing.

    Grothe started organizing the celebration for Sam in September.

    At the celebration, fans received birthday cake, signed birthday cards and sang "Happy Birthday" to Sam. Sam was presented with the fan-signed cards at half time.

    Grothe said more than one student portrays Sam.

    The cheerleader who donned the fuzzy costume for the December birthday celebration was chosen because of his enthusiasm while inside the costume.

    The sophomore athletic training major said he was given a week's notice to prepare for Sycamore Sam's birthday celebration.

    "It was fun being inside Sycamore Sam for the celebration," he said. "This is a very fun thing to do."

    The ISU community adopted Sam, the blue and white replacement for the 20-year old former mascot Chief Quabachi, in December 1995 after a vote by the student body.

    Before Quabachi, ISU's mascot was a tree. University archivist Susan Davis said to show school spirit, students took tree branches to games and "even dressed up as trees."

    "Sycamore Sam has a little bit of history," Davis said. "The name goes back a ways."

    The name Sycamore Sam came from an advice-giving tree in the 1960s editions of the Indiana Statesman.

    Grothe said the Athletic Department controls Sam's appearances at ISU sporting events.

    Davis said Sycamore Sam is "still a little bit of a mystery" because the creature does not have a back-story.

    [#] Thu Jan 19 2006 15:36:48 EST from Rick James

    Subject: Mascot Hockey

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    We are having a mascot hockey game during the intermission of the Coyotes vs Sharks game on Jan 28th in Glendale, AZ.  If there is anyone in the area who might be interested in playing, hit me up at and I will send you more information.

    [#] Tue Jan 24 2006 14:52:09 EST from Erin

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    Basiuk, Condors Mascots Featured At All-Star Game
    01/24/06 - ECHL (ECHL) Bakersfield Condors

    Bakersfield Condors

    Tuesday, January 24 -Wednesday, January 25 : Condors defenseman Scott Basiuk and mascots Colonel Claw'd and Baby Cal will appear at the ECHL All-Star Skills Competition and Game in Fresno, CA. On Tuesday, Basiuk will compete in the RBK Hockey Rapid Fire competition against Wheeling's Andy Franck and then the RBK Hockey Breakaway Relay. On Wednesday, Basiuk will suit up as a member of the National Conference team for ECHL All- Star Game presented by Bud Light at 7:05 p.m. PST at Save Mart Center in Fresno. Tickets to the 2006 ECHL All-Star Game and Skills Competition are available through Ticketmaster. Order online, charge by phone at (559) 485-TIXS (8497) or purchase the tickets at the Save Mart Center's box office, which is open Monday-Friday from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

    Thursday, January 26 : Experience the Condors Coach's Show on KGEO AM 1230 from 6-7pm. This week the show will be live from Salt Lake City, Utah, as the Condors prepare to face the Utah Grizzlies. Condors Director of Media Relations Devin Rossiter and Head Coach Marty Raymond will be joined by Condors players for the broadcast.

    Week in Review :

    Basiuk, Condors Mascots Featured At All-Star Game
    01/24/06 - ECHL (ECHL) Bakersfield Condors

    Bakersfield Condors


    Thursday, January 19 : Condors captain Sean Venedam joined "Steve & Geoff in the Morning" on 107.9 KUZZ.

    Friday, January 20 : Mercy & Memorial Hospitals & ARRC Technology sponsored T.H.I.N.K Night at Friday's game versus the Victoria Salmon Kings. This program allows local students the opportunity to earn terrace tickets to select games through exceptional performance in academics or behavior at participating schools.

    Mark Your Calendar :

    Monday, February 20 - Tip-A-Condor Dinner : The Bakersfield Condors are teaming up with the Kern County Shrine Club to host the annual Tip-A-Condor charity dinner at the Crystal Palace. Tickets are $25 for adults, $12 for children 10 and under, and are available at the Condors Office and at the Crystal Palace box office, open Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm and Sunday 9am-4pm. For more information contact the Community Relations Department of the Bakersfield Condors at 324-PUCK (7825).

    Looking for an exciting way to raise money? The Bakersfield Condors are

    [#] Wed Jan 25 2006 13:40:00 EST from Erin

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    Rating the Mascots: the Middle 10

    by El Gran Color Naranja

    A couple years back I got to go to the All-Star festivities in Houston (re: everything but the All-Star game). One of the more interesting things that happened while prepping my vocal cords for some lusty boos for Jimmy Kimmel was the trotting out of the MLB mascots. They kept coming like handkerchiefs out of a magicians pocket. 22…23..24… Who were some of these guys? Why did the Astros have a Rabbit? When did the Rangers get a mascot?

    Some seemed to have a little more thought behind them, so I started rating them in my head. Two years later…well we finally got a list. I guess I was waiting for Screech

    Today I reveal my middle ten, numbers 9-18. For anyone who takes mascotting very seriously, I’m not coming down on the actual people in the suits. They all do a fine job (I guess) and I know it’s hard work. For anyone who takes mascotting design very seriously, well I apologize, but some of this work is Guzman-esque.

    How did I rate them? Generally, I think a mascot should be easily tied to the team they represent. A clever name helps, as do full uniforms. I also generally prefer mascots that are actually recognizable people or animals, rather than muppet type creatures. Given all that, a lot of it is just my opinion.

    #9 : Lou Seal

    Full Name: Luigi Francisco Seal (Lou Seal)
    Team: San Francisco Giants
    Concept: Seal
    B:r T:r

    Tiny. That’s how you’d describe Lou Seal in the mascot world. While other mascots tower over people, Lou is the size of a big guy. Ok, he’s only like 6-12 inches shorter than your average mascot, but when you look at enough mascot pictures it’s noticeable. Oddly enough, I think it works for the little guy. With those big eyes and backward cap he’s working on cute and being smaller helps cute.

    Lou Seal is a seal, for both the seals that hang out on the SF piers and the old minor league baseball team, a nice play to the past. He comes out to the strains of BB King’s “Lucille”, rather than say “Baby Elephant Walk”. Cleverness goes a long way to make up for his hat having the SF on the wrong side. Unlike most of the newer mascots, Lou also seems to be pretty well liked by the fans rather than ignored or reviled. That’s gotta carry some weight in San Fran considering what they did to their last mascot. He also gets points for going out in the cove. I can’t imagine a mascot costume would be anything but a watery death trap. Even if it floats he’s got no maneuverability in that thing. It’d be dark, he probably couldn’t breathe. Courage!

    Plus he’ll call out Barry Bonds on not admitting his steroid use. (You see things your way caption writer, I’ll see it mine)

    #10 : The Swinging Friar

    Team: San Diego Padres
    Concept: Friar, swinging the baseball sense
    B: r T: r

    You got to love the Swinging Friar. As the Padres, they really didn’t have to go this route. Everyone would have understood if they went with a “shorecat “or “rockdog” or whatever. But no, the Padres went and made themselves a Padres mascot and it’s pretty good.

    He does fail though in a couple important aspects of mascotdom, though. He doesn’t have any Padres paraphernalia on him. Not a hat or a jersey or pants (that we can see). I understand why they can’t put a hat on him (it would cover up the distinctive hairline) and a jersey might not work either because of the robe. But would it have killed them to put “Padres” on the front of that robe? Or maybe a couple patches on the elbows? Something, anything to make me shake off the image of the Friar pulling out a Dodgers hat and walking out of Petco after a loss saying “Tough game for you guys, huh?”

    The other problem, how do I say this gently….h e’s butt ugly.

    The double chin is understandable. It’s in the logo. But what’s with the huge bags under the eyes? I know you worry about San Diego winning, but get some sleep Padre, it’s just a game.

    #11 : TC Bear

    Team: Minnesota Twins
    Concept: Brown Bear (even though black bears are much more numerous in the lower 48, but whatever)
    B:r T:r

    TC Bear is fine.

    What, you want more than that? He’s a bear, he’s huggable, cute, illegally marries the occasional couple, pleases Jim Caple. What else do you need?

    Is a bear that representative of Minnesota? There are more bears in other states, but MN is up there. True, Minnesota is the gopher state, but having a gopher would feel a bit too collegiate. A bear is a good substitute. Hey, Minnesota has got a lot of lakes. Bears drink water, right? His name is good, TC refers to “Twin Cities”.

    #12 : Fredbird

    Team: St. Louis Cardinals
    Concept: Giant Cardinal
    B:l T:r

    For a mascot, if people are talking about you, it’s usually not good. Why is this thing the mascot? Why is it wearing that? My words of advice to you, if you happen to be designing a mascot, is to concentrate on getting the basics right. Fredbird is a perfect example for you to follow. Got the jersey and hat? Check. Represents the team? Check. Solid costume? Check. Nothing about Fredbird stands out, but he’s solid. No confusion, no disappointment. Day in and day out you can see him doing the mascot work. Playing with Umps? Check. Razzing Fans? Check.

    If anything can be said bad about Freddy, it’s that he is a little goofy looking. Almost Cockoo for Cocoa Puffs. A lot of that has to do with his beak. It’s terribly awkward for straight on pictures.

    But more than making up for it, is the ease in which Freddy can do the liontamer act. Heads. What’s the deal with these heads these days? Heads!

    #13 : Rangers Captain

    Team: Texas Rangers
    Concept: A horse (obviously so)
    B: r T : r (and like a girl)

    Rangers Captain is the only mascot I really moved around after getting a good look at him in person. In the pictures (drawn not taken) he’s got an interesting getup, but one that doesn’t really have anything to do with baseball. That was a big miss. But the “Real” Rangers Captain is much better than drawn Rangers Captain. In real life he’s got the full uni. A full mane of hair and a tail sticking out the back. The horse itself is a good choice, I have pictures in my head of Texas Rangers riding horses. It’s pretty much everything I want in a mascot. Then why the ranking so low?

    The name. It just bothers me too much. His name – in all print and such is “Rangers Captain”. It’s such a mouthful to say. Noone wants to use it. Change it to “Horsehide” (which baseballs aren’t made of anyway so it would be ok) and this is a top 5 contender.

    #14 : Wally

    Full Name: Wally the Green Monster
    Team:Boston Red Sox
    Concept: Monster
    B:s T:r

    Wally is a good attempt at a bad idea. It’s hard to come up with a character for the “Red Sox”, and rather than go the easy way and pick say a Boston Terrier or a Boston Cream Pie, they went and created a mascot based on the defining feature of their ball park. Naming him “Wally” and playing off the “Green Monster” idea is clever in a lame way, but that’s about the best you can hope for in mascot naming. (God knows if he came about in 2003 he’d be called “Mascot Nation”) It’s potentially troublesome if the team where to ever play in a park without a ridiculous giant wall, but by now the Monster so tied into Red Sox lore that it’s nothing like naming your mascot after a corporate sponsor. Keeping with the positive, Wally is decked out in almost the full team gear, the eyeblack, the hat, though for some reason I can’t understand he is wearing shorts. And he’s identified as a catcher which is pretty cool.

    But all this can’t escape the fact that Wally is just an unidentified blob, which is the easy way to go when creating a mascot. I know they needed to go with the “monster” idea, but still there already was a famous green-thing mascot out there. This seems kind of played. Also, look at the teams that believe they are storied enough not to have a mascot: The Yankees, the Dodgers, the Cubs. Doesn’t there seem to be one team missing here?

    #15 : Paws

    Team: Detroit Tigers
    Concept: Tiger
    B:l T:l

    PAWS should be an acronym for Perfectly Acceptable…um…Weird Suit? It’s a Tiger, with a hat, jersey and spikes. Everything seems to be in order.

    There’s nothing too special about Paws to set him apart. It’s partially the curse of having a team with an animal nickname. It’s silly not to use that animal as your mascot, but if you do there’s no creativity points to be won. Sorry Paws.

    Plus he looks a little raggedy, doesn’t he? He’s kind of let himself go since 1999. Have some pride in your appearance, man.

    Squarely in the middle. Middle of the pack. Nice drawing though.

    #16 : Dinger

    Team: Colorado Rockies
    Concept: Triceratops colored for maximum camoflauge amongst prehistoric lilacs
    B:r T:r

    Say purple dinosaur and most people will either cringe or run away, but that’s being unfair to Dinger. We all have relatives we are embarrassed of, relatives we’d hate for people to judge us by, why should mascots be any different?

    I for one like Dinger’s scale. He’s got a huge noggin. Comparing his head to a normal head reminds me of those Jupiter to Earth comparisons, where you’d see like 1000 blue circles inside the home of the Big Red Spot. He supposedly was named the mascot because dinosaur bones were found during the building of Coors Field, but I somehow doubt that (wouldn’t they stop building to excavate?). If true, that’s kind of cool.

    However he’s still purple, and I just hate purple as a main color for a baseball team. Not only is he purple, Dinger also has random colorful dots in his protective neck shield and on his elbows. Why? It doesn’t show up on his official pictures. Seriously, it looks like Dinger has been Bedazzled. With this color scheme Dinger, much like the Rockies themselves, can’t break into the upper half.

    #17 : Southpaw

    Team: Chicago White Sox
    Concept: Uhhh, lizard?
    B:s T:l

    Oh, Southpaw. You could have had it all my friend. He’s got the full dress. Uniform, Stirrups, Hat. His name ties to the team. Southside, Southpaw. Plus, because he’s named Southpaw he throws left. He’s got the little touches, such as the buttons on the uniform and shoes being Comiskey pinwheels. He dresses up for special nights. He replaced two dishrags. He’s so close to being the perfect mascot but…but… what the hell is he? A green….what? Lizard? Salamander? Newt? You can’t just be nothing, there’s no uniqueness in it anymore.

    It kills me, kills me, to get this close to winning the race only to blow a tire on the last lap. So I offer you this suggestion, White Sox Mascot Design Team. Make him a cat. An alley cat if that makes you feel better, even though cats are universal enough to be used anywhere. He can be black with white feet so it looks like he’s wearing white socks. (much like a famous cat …named Socks by the way) Even the name would make even more sense. South PAW. It would be perfect. Work with me here, Chicago. You are champions. You deserve the best mascot.

    #18 : Pirate Parrot

    Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
    Concept: Parrot
    B:r T:r

    Umm sure.

    Basically the Pirate for me sets up a line of demarcation. Things below I feel there is something wrong with, things above I think they are pretty much ok. The pirate? Well he’s got the jersey and hat, and a parrot is a natural to accompany a pirate. And he’s been around for a while. But something about his is just not right. I think it’s that he’s a little too fuzzy. and I just don’t link fuzzy with birds. He’s the natural link between the tigher bird designs ahead of him and the monstrosity below.

    However, he earns my respect for going that extra mile

    [#] Fri Jan 27 2006 01:23:19 EST from nbspiritman5000

    Subject: Mascot Birthday

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    Mascots of all shapes and sizes:

    You are all invited to attend the birthday party for Boko the Bobcat, the "Sensation of the Southland". The mascot for Texas State University in San Marcos. Bring a friend if you want. It will be alot of fun. RSVP Boko at  The party is Feb.11 , 2006 at Strahan Coliseum in San Marcos Texas at 7:00pm. can't wait to celebrate with you.

    [#] Sat Jan 28 2006 11:53:04 EST from Erin

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    Contest introduces library mascot

    To help introduce the library's new mascot, Rufus the Reading Dog, to the public, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is having a drawing/coloring contest for kids ages 12 and under.

    Five winners from three age categories -- 5 and under; 6 to 9; and 10 to 12 --will be selected for a total of 15 winners in all. Winning entries will be posted on the library's Web site,, in March. Each winner will receive a cloth bag filled with books and prizes.

    [#] Tue Jan 31 2006 16:33:51 EST from ranger

    Subject: Missy's Birthday

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    The Ft. Myers Miracle are set to celebrate Miss A-Miracle's second birthday on Sunday, April 9th. She will be joined by little leaguers and area mascots. We would like to invite any and all mascots to southwest Florida to join us for the festivities.

    You can contact me: or Andrew Seymour for more information.


    [#] Thu Feb 02 2006 10:02:42 EST from Erin

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    New madness: Meet Indy's mascots

    Rowdie, Big-E-Foot, Jinx the Jaguar and Indy the Greyhound are getting together tonight for a meet-and-greet promoted as "Mascot Madness."
    The mascots, as well as three from the Indianapolis Zoo, will pose for pictures and sign autographs between games of a men's and women's basketball doubleheader at Nicoson Hall. The University of Indianapolis will welcome Missouri-Rolla, with the women playing at 5:30 p.m. and the men at 7:30.
    Rowdie represents the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians. Big-E-Foot is from the Indiana Ice. Jinx is with IUPUI. And Indy the Greyhound is a new mascot for the NCAA Division II host program.
    Adult tickets cost $6, children 5-18 are $4, and children 4-and-under free.

    [#] Thu Feb 02 2006 10:05:55 EST from Erin

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    Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs CHL hockey mascots Lil' Bugger and Clawed watch as Claude the Crawfish (real crawfish on ground) raises his claws, predicting great weather for the upcoming Mardi Gras Season Wednesday afternoon in a ceremony at the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, Louisiana. (Jim Hudelson/The Times 02.01.06)

    Claude gives claws up for good Mardi Gras weather

      Claws up! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

    Dignitaries from Mardi Gras krewes, Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker, Bossier-Shreveport Mudbug mascots Clawed and Lil' Bugger, and others leaned over a mound of Red River sand Wednesday at the Louisiana Boardwalk to watch as Claude, the three-inch crustacean prognosticator, lifted his pincers skyward.

    Krewe members waved poster signs -- Claws up or Boil! Good News or Good Gumbo! -- as their eyes shifted from the hot gumbo nearby to the small crawfish, eyes bulging, with his claws waving above the top of the mound.

    "We'll have great temperatures and weather leading up to Mardi Gras," said master of ceremonies Sandy Franks, after getting the official interpretation from Clawed. "Let the party begin!"

    Claude the crawfish is Louisiana's spin on Groundhog Day, when "Punxsutawney Phil" emerges from hibernation. If it sees its shadow, six more weeks of winter are predicted.

    Claude's prediction of Mardi Gras season is instead a life or death matter. If bad weather is predicted, into the pot he'd go.

    This year Claude's prediction was one day earlier than Phil's.

    "We wanted to pre-empt the groundhog," said Brandi Evans, spokeswoman for the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau. "Radio and television stations from all over the country have shown interest in Claude and so from now on Claude will have his own day."

    The official proclamation for "Claude the Cajun Crawfish Day," came from Walker, who stated he was representing both Bossier City and Shreveport.

    Claude will be the official predictor of weather leading up to Fat Tuesday on Feb. 26, or the steamy gumbo nearby will have a little lagniappe, stated the proclamation.

    Official weather forecasters, however stray from Claude's predictions.

    After a month that tied 1911 as the eighth-warmest January on record, Gary Chatelain, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Shreveport, said NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has predicted a 33 percent chance February will be cooler than normal, which is about 51.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

    But this difference of opinion won't likely stop Claude, who was plucked from a bag of crawfish from Crawdaddy's Kitchen that was headed for a boiling pot of water, before his 10 a.m. reprieve on the Boardwalk.

    "Sometimes he's asked to make appearances on local weather stations," Evans said.

    Betty Brice from the Krewe of Artemis out of Springhill dressed in krewe regalia and a crown, couldn't exactly explain her excitement.

    "Just because," said Brice, with a big smile and a spoonful of gumbo in her mouth after the prediction. "It's kind of a family thing. The king and queen are my first cousins and I have two sisters here too."

    Franks, a transported Floridian to Louisiana in 1993, says Mardi Gras endeared her to the state right away.

    "I love that in Louisiana you don't need an excuse for a party," said Franks, who founded the all-woman's Krewe of Les Femmes Mystique in 1999. "This is great for the community."

    ©The Times
    February 2, 2006


    [#] Thu Feb 02 2006 10:07:08 EST from Erin

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    Mascots to provide sweetheart deliveries to fans on Valentine's Day
    02/01/06 - Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) Phoenix Mercury

    PHOENIX - Furry representatives from three of the most prominent sports franchises in the Valley will be making special deliveries this Valentine's Day. The Phoenix Suns Gorilla, Mercury mascot Scorch and Rocky the Roadrunner will make surprise deliveries on Tuesday, Feb. 14 to sweethearts, kids or friends of the top bidders via a special online auction on All three auctions can be accessed from the Mercury website.

    The Gorilla will make one delivery to the top bidder, while Scorch and Rocky will deliver Valentine's Day goodies to each of their top two bidders, respectively. Bidding starts at $100 for Scorch and Rocky and $150 for the Gorilla. Bidding will close at noon on Monday, Feb. 13. Winners will be contacted on Feb. 13 regarding details of the delivery.

    The Valentine's Day package includes:

    - Surprise visit to your Sweetheart's home, school or office (within 30 miles of US Airways Center)
    - One Red Rose
    - Box of Heart-Shaped Candy
    - Autographed photo of the respective mascot
    - Souvenir Digital Photo of the Occasion (Will be e-mailed to recipient & highest bidder)

    The Mercury will launch its 2006 season on the road vs. 2004 WNBA Champions, the Sacramento Monarchs on Saturday, May 20. The Mercury's home opener is slated for May 25, 2006 vs. Seattle Storm. Regular season action runs through August 13. Lower-level season tickets are on sale now and start at just $189 for 17 games. For information, visit or call 602-252-WNBA.

    The Phoenix Suns currently sit atop the Western Conference standings with a mark of 29-16 Reigning MVP Steve Nash and his teammates return to action tonight at the Fleet Center in Boston vs. the Celtics at 5:30 p.m.

    The Roadrunners hit the ice tomorrow night in Pensacola, Fla. to take on the Ice Pilots at 6:05 p.m. The team's next home game is slated for Feb. 14 vs. the Long Beach Ice Dogs at 7:11 p.m.

    A portion of the proceeds from the auctions will benefit Best Buddies of Arizona. Best Buddies enhances the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment. Visit for more information.

    Phoenix Mercury

    [#] Thu Feb 02 2006 10:59:05 EST from LCKMascotEli

    Subject: Lubbock Cotton Kings Mascot Fest 2006

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    Hey everyone. I'd like to invite anyone and everyone out to the Lubbock Cotton Kings 2006 mascot fest. We will be playing fun noodle hockey during the first intermission.

    Who: any and every mascot.

    What : Mascot fest.

    When: Saturday February 25th @ 7:00.

    Where: Lubbock, Texas.

    Why: To have the best time ever with fans and other mascots.

    For more info or to say you'd like to come please contact me at  or at

    (806) 796-1398. I hope to see you at the LCK Mascot Fest.

    [#] Thu Feb 09 2006 14:54:34 EST from Erin

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    Mascots on parade


    Thursday February 9, 2006


    The University of Indianapolis recently served as host of Mascot Night during a collegiate basketball double-header in Nicoson Hall. Mascots, from left, represent Chick-Fil-A, Indianapolis Zoo, University of Indianapoli Greyhounds, IUPUI Jaguars, Indiana Ice and Rowdy of the Indianapolis Indians. The mascots met with youngsters between games as the Greyhound men’s team defeated Missouri-Rolla and the women’s team dropped a close game. U of I basketball teams are on the road until their next home game on Thursday, Feb. 16. Submitted photo

    [#] Thu Feb 09 2006 16:17:29 EST from kidsimba

    Subject: HEY!

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    I recognize that Lion! Mr. Low, are you still on the boards?

    [#] Sun Feb 19 2006 22:32:19 EST from ranger

    Subject: Calling All Mascots

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    Calling All Mascots!

    Come and join us in sunny southwest Florida on Sunday April 9th


    Don't worrrrrrrrry - Nooooo $ involved....


    We would love to have any and all mascots join us for our mascot Miss A-Miracle's 2nd Birthday at Hammond Stadium (Lee County Sports Complex) in Fort Myers, Florida.   


    We are inviting as many mascots as we can to join in on the Fun!  

    We will supply you with a Change rooom with a/c 

    Liquids and Food and other necessaries. 


    Gates open at Noon - Mascots can arrive anytime after 11:30 am....


    Lots of cake, smiles & laughs! 


    Hope your Mascot can join us! 


    Date Sunday April 9th - Miracle Mascot "Miss-A-Miracle" celebrates her 2nd B-Day!


    Please Join us approx 11:30 am.


    Gates open to Fans @ Noon.

    Game start time:  1:05 pm  


    For more info contact:

    Mike Julius-


    Andrew Seymour-


    Released: Friday, February 17, 2006

    [#] Mon Feb 20 2006 06:37:18 EST from IndyMascot

    Subject: Re:HEY!

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    Feb 9 2006 9:17pm from kidsimba
    Subject: HEY!

    I recognize that Lion! Mr. Low, are you still on the boards?

     Yes, yes I am - lurking these days, mostly. Sadly, it is not I, but some other non-furry who manned the character that day.

    [#] Wed Mar 01 2006 00:37:01 EST from Erin

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    Baseball fans can chat with mascots on Internet

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    According to his personal Web page on, Jupiter Hammerheads mascot Hamilton R. Head likes Jimmy Buffett, exotic birds and Flipper repeats.

    His counterpart at Roger Dean Stadium, Palm Beach Cardinals mascot Robbie the Redbird, enjoys watching Sesame Street, listening to the Steve Miller Band and dining on seafood.

    The two 7-footers, both Aries and both single, launched their own Web pages on last month after their handlers at Roger Dean Stadium decided that the furry twosome could use a few new friends.

    "Myspace is a way to chat with your friends besides your basic IMs (instant messages) or emails," Roger Dean Stadium marketing manager Amanda Broadway said. "You have your pictures, you have your friends, things along those lines. They learn a little bit about you.

    "So we kind of wanted to do that for our mascots, kind of increase awareness of people in our community of them and get them some new friends. What we did is we put them on the Web page. They're kind of like their own personalities."

    Regular visitors to, a free service that uses the Internet for online communication through a network of photos, web logs, user profiles, e-mail and other media formats, have responded positively to the two mascots.

    Hamilton R. Head, a land shark nicknamed 'Ham-r-head,' and Robbie the Redbird, a cardinal that first flew into Roger Dean Stadium on March 28, 2003, each has garnered new friends since their pages were posted in mid-January, including some from out of state.

    "The friends they're making are from all over the country," said Broadway, who plans to keep the mascots' Web pages available on until the end of the Florida State League baseball season in September. "We didn't realize that people from different states would even know who they are."

    For local baseball fans, however, the two are well-known and much-loved, though their popularity is expected to get a major boost now that the two are online.

    "We have the mascots' upcoming appearances (on their pages), so that their friends can come out and see them," Broadway said. "It's kind of like a fun way for them to increase their exposure."

    To visit Hamilton R. Head and Robbie the Redbird's personal pages, visit or

    [#] Mon Apr 03 2006 12:16:30 EDT from ranger

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    Calling all MASCOTSSSSSSSS!

     Thiiiiiiiiiisssssss Sunday - April 9th -


     (Don't worrrrrrrrry - Nooooo $ involved....)

     Love to have YOUR MASCOT join us for

    OUR MASCOT's 2nd Birthday at Hammond Stadium (Lee County Sports Complex)  




    We're inviting as many area mascots as we can to join in on the Fun!  


    We will supply your talent with a Change rooom with a/c -


    Liquids and Food and other necessarys for your mascot. 




    Gates open at Noon - Mascots can arrive anytime after 11:30 am....


     Lots of cake, smiles & laughs! 




    Hope your Mascot can join us! 


    Date Sunday April 9th - Miracle Mascot "Miss-A-Miracle" celebrates her 2nd B-Day!


    Please Join us approx 11:30 am. 


    Gates open to Fans @ Noon.


    Game start time:  1:05 pm  


    [#] Tue Apr 04 2006 11:26:18 EDT from pafisher188

    Subject: Bearon's Birthday Party!

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    The Schaumburg Flyers would like to personally invite all who are interested in a festivity at Alexian Field on July 13th, 2006. Please email me at for more information if you are interested.




    [#] Mon May 15 2006 18:12:35 EDT from ikelon

    Subject: Mascots around Toronto

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    I am looking for opportunities to get our mascot out.

    It is the Starlight Children's FOundation Mascot.


    Anyone planning an event in the Toronto area or attending an event that Starguy could attend please email me



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